2010 June 25

A Slight Change In Direction

I had managed to finish most of the code for Penguin Glider (which was supprisingly faster than Checkmate :|) but after plenty of play-testing, I had realised I missed out on one important fact. Gliding realistically is only fun for those who really understand it. Examining a few of my friend’s playing habbits, the main cause is that without propulsion, it is far easier to stall a glider than a plane. Thus, they stalled the penguin and it ended up with its head dug into the snow.

Rather than giving a long boring lecture about falling with style each time, I gave the penguin propulsion so that it can fly like an aeroplane and hence is far less likely to stall. As a result the game can no longer be called Penguin Glider anymore. I’m still thinking about a new name because Penguin Plane doesn’t sound right. I am quite thankful that I hadn’t uploaded it to GitHub yet, otherwise the renaming process would have caused plenty of problems.

Other than that it is coding as usual.