2011 August 6

Summer Updates

I have been pretty busy the last few weeks sorting things out for my further studies. I got accepted for mechanical engineering in the UK and would be heading there in September. For those who are wondering, this is the field where my true passion lies (especially Formula 1 and rocketry), programming is just something I do as a hobby.

I would be holding off any further development on the flying-penguin until SFML-2.0 is out. I’ve been thinking about doing an overhaul in the project, using more of SFML’s features than currently used. However, with the latest API in SFML-git being quite different from the current one, I think it would be better to wait for a stable release, as patching for API changes constantly is certainly not fun.

The Quake 3 BSP Viewer is finally working and uploaded to GitHub. The program uses Qt and C++ and is available here. Unfortunately, due to licensing concerns, you’ll need to find your own map files to try out the program.