2011 December 13

Adventure Recap

Since it was time to renew my web hosting fees, I felt that the blog should start anew with a clean slate, especially since the lack of good content in the past few months let the blog slide into disrepair. It has been quite a while since my last update, but essentially I’m now studying Mechanical Engineering in the UK. I’ve finally managed to find my inner self here, playing all sorts of things I always wanted to play like D&D and LARP. Back in Malaysia those sorts of things were hardly ever heard of and so I couldn’t find enough interested people. Simply put, I love it here.

My work on The Flying Penguin was halted mostly due to the difficulties I have in the game. The biggest problem is that the code itself isn’t that great and after two re-writes I’ve lost the willpower to do another. I feel like I should leave the game as it is and move on to something else more interesting. I might take up interest eventually but that’s unlikely because of the second biggest problem, its similarity to Penguin Learns To Fly. The whole similarity thing was an unfortunate coincidence, but since that flash game is better known, my game would forever be overshadowed by it.