2010 July 9

The Flying Penguin 0.1 Released

Resuming from my last post, I have finally settled on the name The Flying Penguin (Unix codename: flying-penguin).

For the uninitiated, The Flying Penguin is a game where you try to fly the penguin as far as possible with limited fuel. While in the air, you have to collect floating fish to gain extra fuel. I had initially thought of calling the fish flying herrings, until I realised that herrings are Arctic fish whereas penguins live in the Antarctic.

The game is finally ready for its big debut after weeks of coding, polish and testing. To me I am pretty anxious because this is - in certain way - bigger than my chess game, and I actually held back the code for a few extra days from planned just to get more testing done.

There are still some work to do, such as variable screen sizes (currently if you want something other than in 800×600 windowed-mode you need to change it in the code) and there are still some areas of improvement in terms of visual interface. However, these are small hiccups that would be addressed in the next release.

So, I have held you back long enough. Without further ado, The Flying Penguin